Get Ready for Tasmanian Law Week 2022

Mark your calendars! Law Week will be 16 – 22 May 2022.


What is Law Week?

Law Week is a program of free events for members of the public.

Law Week is designed to provide members of the public with opportunities to find out vital information about their legal rights, to engage with the legal profession and the law more generally.

Various organisations from within the legal profession, community and not-for-profit organisations will deliver a range of free events throughout Tasmania which make learning about the law easy.


I want to run an Event

The important thing to remember is Law Week is targeted towards members of the public, not legal professionals or law students.

If you are interested in running an event for your community, we would love to hear from you. An event can be anything from a drop in information stall, 40-minute legal consultation, online webinar or a public event or activity already run by your organisation.

If you have an idea or an event you would like to run contact us with the following details:

  • what the event is
  • who the target audience is
  • date and time
  • where in Tasmania it is to be held (i.e. North, Northwest, South)
  • whether you have a venue or budget

Contact us at

We will get back to you as soon as possible to help guide you through the process.


I want to assist with an Event

If you would like to be involved with Law Week but are not sure whether you have the capacity to run an event, it may be possible to assist with an event which has already been scheduled.

Contact us to enquire about assisting with an event by identifying which event you would be interested in assisting with and what you could offer to such an event.